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Answers Ahead allows clinicians and researchers to define their own registry with compliance at a reasonable cost.

Clinical Practice Registry

Clinical Practice Registry

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Patient Registry for Clinics

Historically, physicians and researchers have had few patient registry options. Many physicians tracked patient data manually, in spreadsheets, or with a homegrown database. These registries were limited in scope, difficult to modify, and difficult to maintain. Efforts to build robust and flexible registries were often frustrated by compliance issues or cost considerations.

Answers Ahead Clinical Practice Registry has been designed to overcome these challenges. We provide a solution that allows clinicians and researchers to define their own registry attributes while we offer configuration and compliance at a reasonable cost. It’s that easy. Your registry will be in full compliance with HIPAA Privacy and Security Standards and will have stringent safeguards on:

Electronic access

Data transmission

Electronic data storage

Physical data storage

Answers Ahead registries may be modified at any time to optimize for purpose specific data elements and reporting.

Collaborate and Aggregate

Answers Ahead’s industry leading HIPAA compliant cloud solution lets you collaborate with colleagues within your field and aggregate de-identified personal health information (PHI). Leverage the multi-institutional data to accelerate trend and pattern recognition.

Identify Study Candidates

Many challenges researchers face involve identifying study candidates. Collaborating with colleagues across multiple institutions within your field accelerates finding candidates for the study. Answers Ahead reporting may help streamline the process finding candidates for your research and studies.

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