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Answers Ahead was conceived to enable successful and robust medical research.

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Patient & Clinical Research Registries

Cloud Based. Configured to specific needs without custom development.

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Flexible, Supports Mid-Study

See why the nation’s top research centers are turning to Answers Ahead

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Meeting compliance requirements is the cornerstone of a successful patient registry. Compliance regulations add complexities in designing a patient registry, especially for studies involving multiple institutions, physicians and researchers. Trusted by the nation’s leading academic institutions, Answers Ahead provides a cloud based solution that simplifies HIPAA compliance while cutting start up time and costs.


Historically, registries required custom development, were costly to implement and support, weren’t flexible and required the purchase and support of hardware. The only alternative was tracking data points in a spreadsheet, which doesn’t scale or meet compliance standards. Answers Ahead’s speed to design and implementation provide unparalleled value and are the keys to our growth.


A cloud based solution eliminates the need to install and support hardware. Solutions requiring installation on computers in your facility will require upfront costs and IT staff to provide ongoing support. Hosting hardware also requires compliance with HIPPA Security Standards, routine OS updates and security patches. Answers Ahead is a cloud based solution which complies with HIPAA Security Standards.


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The Industry’s Leading Patient Registry and Compliance Platform

Answers Ahead registry products are the industry’s fastest growing data management solutions. Our cloud based solution provides electronic data capture and patient registries for the nation’s leading academic institutions. Speed to design and implementation are the keys to our growth. Let us help you design and implement your electronic data collection platform.

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You will not find a better option for your patient and clinical research registries.

See why the nation’s top research centers are turning to Answers Ahead.

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